cSw Training for Editors

With guidance and support of a cSw Communications Mentor (Comms Mentor), each Team Editor will polish and prepare up to four (4) stories by Team Writers about a scientist (Science Star) and some aspect of his/her current bioscience research. This course is divided into six modules. Editors must complete the entire course during the summer so they are prepared to begin their work upon receipt of final drafts that are due from Team Writers no later than August 19, 2016.


Make the Most of Your Communications Mentor for Editors

The cSw Communications Mentor (Comms Mentor) plays a unique role in guiding student writers through the story development process. Experienced professionals, cSw Comms Mentors are available at very stage to assist writers as they strive to produce clear and compelling science stories that will engage general readers. Lesson 1- What’s a mentor? Lesson 2- What does a cSw Comms Mentor do? Lesson 3- What’s your role in this mentoring relationship?